Minimum Requirements for Online Courses

Before you commence any online course, please make sure you are able to meet these minimum user, software and hardware requirements.

User requirements (minimum)

Participants are expected to have at least

  • basic keyboarding skills

  • an elementary knowledge of their computer operating system

  • basic knowledge of software and tools such as:

    • word process

    • email

    • internet browser

    • search engine

If you are unsure about meeting these participant requirements, we recommend that you contact the Moodle Helpdesk at to help you assess your ability to be successful in an online course.

Software Requirements (minimum)

  • word processing software, such as, Microsoft Word, WordPerfect, Pages, Write (Open Office) or another word processing program capable of saving files as DOC, RTF, or PDF.

  • Web Browser - Firefox is highly recommended and preferred for all participants. However, the most recent versions of Opera, Google Chrome, Safari or Internet Explorer may be used as alternatives. If you plan on using a browser supplied by your Internet service provider (for example, AOL or WebTV), use the most recent version. We cannot guarantee that all course features will function in all non-Mozilla browsers.

  • Email software or a Web browser capable of supporting email activity, including sending/receiving attached files.

  • Your course may require specific (free) plugins to access streaming media, PDF files, or other web components. If this is the case, you will learn more about these special requirements during your Course Introduction.

  • Antivirus software

Download and install the following software if they (or a comparative alternative) are not already configured on your computer:

Hardware Requirements (minimum)

  • Access to an Internet-capable computer. Mobile devices are perfectly suitable for use with Moodle, however, some issues (with file uploading, in particular) have been reported and it is recommended that you do have access to a computer.

  • Internet access either via modem and phone line or a direct network connection (high speed broadband access is highly recommended).

  • Internet service provider for home access and/or access from other available location.

  • Access to the online environment for a minimum of 10-12 hours per week.

  • An email account for sending and receiving electronic mail via the Internet.

Other considerations:
  • Pop-ups: if you have pop-ups disabled, be sure to allow pop-ups for

  • Screen resolution: minimum 800 x 600; preferred 1024 x 768

  • Browser must be set to accept cookies

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